Saturday, January 10, 2009

9 Jan 2009 - A simple but meaningful birthday celebration

Yaya, after 12am, it was Sean Long's birthday. Someone may ask how old birthday of him?? Erm, this kind of sensitive question, i have no idea at all~Well, as usual, we were going to have our dinner without any destination. We did get used already with this kind of situation, that is keep driving on the road, and discuss in the car. (Petrol price dropped ma~)

After a 1 and half hour long discussion and petrol wasting,
finally we made our decision and reached
Jang Won Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant,

which is opposite Stulang Laut, near the Duty Free Zone. u see that?? It's just like what i have seen in Korean drama,
we're going to have our dinner on such traditional table which i never tried before (i know i'm quite shua gu)
it's my very first time to have dinner like that,
can i get used it or not oh? i was wondering
but, dun worry la,it is fake, my leg can still put under the table la...

We reached there around 10.30pm dy, worried that they will close the restaurant while we're eating. You know if it's like that, is very very rugi one ma! Luckily the friendly waiter there told us we can stay until we finish our food~ hehe!
Like no others restaurant, i'm telling u...The environment there is quite comfortable, waiters are damn friendly, foods and services over there are really great too. Its the very 1st time i really felt that the 10% service charge is worth for paying, although i need not to spend any single of cent for this meal. Hoho!!

It's him, haha, the birthday boy!! Happy Birthday oh!!
He had done his obligation of a birthday boy very well.
Thanks~Haha! We ordered a set of meal which costed RM120++
as per the recommendation of the waiter there.
Hurray, can't wait dy, where is my FOOD !!!

Oh my godness, see their starters??? @@
SOoo many small dishes, which one should i try first??
Leek,Brinjal,Chilled patato slices, kimchi,mashed patato with sweet
mayonnaise, sweet & spicy chicken franks and many else....
All these complimentary starters are special and delicious,
made me feel so high~!!
The most important thing is it's unlimited to refill~~~Yea!

Tonight's main role was being held on our hands!!
There're 3 types of meat, which are pork and beef!

Our honour that we were being served by the waiter there.
He helped us BBQ the meat, slice up the meat, and put the meat on our plate.
OMG...we're just like the prince and princess in korean drama <<宫>>
Hohoho~He teached us even how to eat!!

Yaya, that's right!
Wrapped the meat along with a small slice of garlic
and their special sambal...
Always see heroine in Korean Drama eat this!!Finally i tried it!!

One word, just one word..."DELICIOUS"
I was touched, T.T the tears is rolling in my eyes, can u see that??

i want to settle this all, don't block me~~
although i had taken dinner already at home...But who care~? Hohoho!

Sour & Spicy Kimchi soup with dumpling,korean rice cake-our so called 炒年糕, taufu, sausage and so on.It looks tasteful, right?
But...we're extremely full already, we reached our limit already!
What a waste that we can't finish this wok of kimchi soup T.T
We were thinking about asking the waiter join us to eat,
but we did not do that at last...
Haha~Next time i must refill their starters N times,
this time rugi la, coz i had dinner at home dy! Blek!

Sean, Mary, Elson =P
An overwhelming happiness and joyfulness experience for me!!

After dinner, we went to Stulang laut to countdown 12am's coming,
it's just 2 minutes distance, we reached the seaside.
Although it's late, still a lot of people fishing there.

Happy Birthday to you~
Happy Birthday to you~
Happy Birthday to Sean Long~~
Happy Birthday to you~

Hey, fast fast make a wish!!
Wish your "dream" will really come true~! Hoho!!
Opps, i can't eat anymore la, eventhough it's just a small slice of cake!
But must give birthday boy face one! haha!

Mary & Sean! Say cheese!!

aSeng with Birthday Boy!! Dai Go Zai lo, all the best ya!! Hehe~

Birthday celebration at roadside, u tried before? Haha!
It must be very memorable, isn't it?

An Expensive+Gorgeous+Awesome present we bought...
But, u see his face...look like he doesn't like it wor...Hahaha!!
Hope you like it~ it's our sincerity =P Hohoho ~

Again, Happy 24th Birthday to Sean Long~


yiwawa said...

the korean food is look like nice worr...yummy~~~

aSeng said...

Worr...your honour ler, first one leave comment to me again...Haha~
Nice la, a no bad experience!!

dingding0510 said...

wei, pork n beef oni 2 types la, whr got 3 types of meat?? but the restaurant reli look nice, didn bring us go thr last time =(

aSeng said...

Keke...i also just knew that place...ok, if got chance, i can bring u all go...hehe~