Saturday, March 28, 2009

28 March 2009 - I Did VOTE EARTH!!

Guessing what i have done for past 60 minutes?
Yes, i was participating the EARTH HOUR with my parent!
Appreciated it coz my parent was willing to do so...Haha!
May be someone will feel that i was fool,
coz it's just a house of me was turning dark at 8.30pm,
however i felt really proud to the action what i did just now,
although it's merely 1 hour!!
Tell u a secret, I have never thought that,
just an action of simply switching off the light,
can bring me such feeling of proud. Haha...
Wondering what did i do during the EARTH HOUR?
Nothing to do, i was just lying on my bed, doing N times of sit up,
waiting and wishing the time passing faster...
it seems very meaningless, right?
But it is very meaningful indeed, isn't it? Haha!
If you have missed the chance, we anticipate the Earth Hour 2010.
It is not about what country you’re from,
but instead, what planet you’re from.
Together we can take control of the future of our planet,
for future generations.
Let's VOTE EARTH to avoid global warming!!

i Did VOTE EARTH, did you?


Rachelle Kang said...

haha...only ur house swift off the light???ulu tiram ppl really geng...actually i hope ppl save energy everyday rather than just save 1 hour a you agree???

aSeng said... i suggest Earth Hour should be organized once a week or once a day~

Pook said...

siao kia once a week or once a day?! you like very excited while you stay in dark. wolf!

Rachelle Kang said...

haha seng dun so terrible la...just turn off any electricity when u are not in use enuf la...i also dun wan no and sienz la...haha!!!

aSeng said...

if Earth Hour is organized every day,from morning 8.30 to 9.30AM, i think it is sure wonderful, i will involve it every day!! XD